Each year the Association names one or two outstanding Alumni as the recipient of an Outstanding Alumnus Award to be presented at the Annual Banquet.


The daughter of a local home builder, Connie sold her first parcel of land at age 16. In 1973, compliments of the U.S. Air Force, Connie found herself in Las Vegas, Nevada where she became the first real estate broker in the State of Nevada to earn both the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and SIOP (Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS) designations.

Her career in commercial real estate included negotiating the sale of a 7-story office building to the United States of America; development of a conceptual master plan and receiving zoning approval for a 332-acre industrial park (sold the plan and the site); negotiated major land assemblage for a Las Vegas Strip Hotel and Theme Park; negotiated land assemblage of a downtown city block for a redevelopment project (Fremont Street Experience).

She was recognized as one of the twelve “Brokers of the Year” by Howard Hughes Properties (1988 & 1996); appointed by Clark County to serve on “Overall Economic Development Committee” (1990-1994); Recognized as one of the “Top 25 Commercial Brokers in the United States” by the Real Estate Times (1988); served on Nevada State Economic Development Association (1987-1991) and more.

At the peak of a commercial real estate career that had spanned nearly twenty years, Connie was forced into a new role- that of an ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) caregiver. Perry, her husband, was diagnosed with the progressively paralyzing, always-fatal illness at age 38. Inch by inch, day by day, her husband lost body functions as his muscles atrophied. During Perry’s illness, no help was available. Despite being identified in 1869 (some 123 years earlier) no research had begun for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Perry died seven months following diagnosis.

Journals had been kept during that lonely battle against ALS. What started to be a caregiver’s “tip sheet” to be shared with others battling ALS, grew into a book.

In 1998, following the publication of her book, “On Eagle’s Wings. a Caregiver’s Guide for the Terminally Ill,” Connie chartered the not-for-profit Nevada Chapter of The ALS Association. Under her leadership, the ALSA Nevada Chapter was but six months old when it was recognized with two national awards for its patients’ programs. In 1999, Connie received the distinction of being named “Volunteer of the Year” by the National association. In 2000, she received recognition as a Citizen of Distinction for the State of Nevada. In 2004, she received the Local Hero Award from Bank of America.

In 2002, the Nevada Chapter began providing services statewide. Programs and services now included: 16 hours per month, per patient of respite and personal care assistance; the loan of ACC (Alternative Augmentative Communication) and ADL (Aids for Daily Living) devices; monthly support groups; annual “Ask The Experts Education Symposium”; publication of a “Patient Resource Manual” and monthly Newsletters; home visits for family in-services; Home bathing services; Grief Counseling and an equipment loan closet. Monthly multi-disciplinary medical clinics were established in Reno and Las Vegas with the University of Nevada Medial School.

A program with Nevada Power Company allowed registered ALS patients to avoid interruption of power due to delayed payment insuring consistent use of medical equipment. A 911 program with Clark County allowed the registration of ALS patients and their conditions (unable to speak; on ventilator; paralyzed; etc.) to assist EMT’s during emergency calls. And for those ALS patients whom research was too late, Memorial Parks were established in both northern and southern Nevada.

Connie was appointed to serve on the Governor’s Disability Task Force. The “Strategic Plan for People with Disabilities” which was adopted by the State Legislature in October 2002 included twelve (12) bullets authored by Connie. She formed a Nevada State Respite Coalition comprised of not-for-profits and various governmental agencies. Later she served on the State Respite Focus Group determining recommendations to six State agencies future grant funding, parameters, needs assessments and gaps. She also served as Nevada’s State representative on a National Respite Coalition.

Advocacy efforts continued on a National level. Between 1998 and 2002, many successes occurred on Capitol Hill. ALS patients received “presumed disability” under Social Security and after the initial five (5) month wavier period, were no longer required to wait an additional 18 months to receive Medicare benefits.

A 10 year study by the VA proved conclusively that our Veterans were twice as likely to be stricken with ALS. ALS was listed as a disease entitled to “presumptive service connection” opening access to a host of additional services. Perhaps one of the greatest honors was Connie providing language input to U.S. Senator Harry Reid for introduction of “The ALS Registry Act of 2005”, Senate Bill 1382, which was signed into law in October 2008. Comprehensive medical information on ALS patients would now be available to any and all ALS researchers.

Connie comes from a family of Big Reds. Grandfather, Robert I. Crozier, Class of 1919; Father, Robert L. Crozier, Class of 1943; Brother, Robert C. Crozier, Class of 1972; Sister, Cathy Crozier, Class of 1974; and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins who also cheer on the Red and Black.

Connie is the proud mother of a 1995 Air Force Academy graduate. Connie has three granddaughters and recently relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada to Chattanooga, Tennessee to be near them. Connie is a lifetime member of our Alumni Association.


The Recipient(s) of the award shall be honored by the Association at the banquet held as a part of the Annual Membership Meeting, and shall have their photograph mounted and displayed in Bellaire High School along with past recipients of the Award.

Nominations may be made by any member if the Association by writing in letter form the name of the person to be nominated, the field of endeavor in which they have excelled, and an outline or resume of their achievements, activities and other accomplishments which brings honor to themselves and Bellaire High School. All written nominations must be submitted to a member of the Board of Trustees, or postmarked, not later than the second day of January of the year in which the award is to be given. 



2018 Carolyn Presutti Davidson ‘78, Broadcasting

2017 Colonel Carl C. Johnson, Jr. ‘44, Government/Military

2016 Richard (Chad) Balwanz '70 Military Service

2015 Harold Lee Brown '63, Health Care

2014 F. William Banig '71, Government

2013 Robert I. Wallace '55, Education, Humanitarian

2012 Thomas Poe ‘68, Banking & Civic

2011 Dr. Charles T. Mehlman ’80, Medicine

2010 Kathy Hyett ‘71, Public Relations

2009 Martin F. Goetze ‘54, Health Care and Executive Management

2008 L. Dean Giacometti, ‘38, Education

2007 James B. Piatt '83 , Higher Education

2006 Donald A. Ostasiewski '58, Higher Education

2005 Daniel Frizzi, Jr. '70, Civic

2004 Gary Hill, Education

2003 Nancy Crooks Karvellis '66, Business 

2002 Walter M. Calinger '57, Education

2001 Dr. James E. Austin '51, Dentistry

2000 Terry Allen Wallace '65, Administration

1999 Jules J. Duga, Ph.D. '49, Technology and Society

1998 Emil George Riedel, Jr. '50, National Security 

1997 Dr. Rose Z. Starr '60, Teacher/Social Worker

1996 Judge John J. Malik, Jr. '46, Law 

1995 Joseph A. Pitts, Sr., D.O. '49, Medicine

1994 Donald M. Knox '50, Education

1993 Alan E. Riedel '48, Law/Business 

1992 Thomas E. Rataiczak '64, Education

1991 Robert L. Hill '49, Law/Public Service

1990 Daniel Howard Simpson '57, Govt./Public Service, U.S.Ambassador

1989 Dr. Samuel Evans '57, Intl. and Public Insurance, Adjusting, Consulting

1988 Nelson Lancione '36, Law

1987 Metta Miller '69, Advertising/Business

1986 Charles Tod Goodwin '31, Athletics/Military Service

1985 Kelley Archer '40, Civic Achievement/Law

1984 Dr. Peter Lancione '28, Medicine

1983 Benjamin J. Belt '11, Education

1982 Don Ault '47 and Joe Ault '53, Athletics

1981 Mary Fitch '31, Civic Achievement;  Lou Mahacek '31,Commercial Art

1980 John Nosker '29, Banking 

1979 Hilda Humes Burrows '22, Public Service/Education

1978 William R. Yost '44, Major General, U.S. Air Force

1977 A. G. Lancione '24, Ohio State Representative

1976 J. E. Giffin '16 and Lela Daugherty Giffin '14, Banking/Americanism

1975 Albert V. Noice '17, Banking/Education

1974 James DeBlasis '49, Artistic Director, Cincinnati Opera

1973 Frank W. Ault '39, Captain, U.S. Navy

1972 Velma Workman '14, Education

1971 Joe Mack '16, Public Service

1970 David Myers Creamer '23, Medicine

1969 Michael Basrak ‘31, Coaching/Education

1968  George Tyler ‘23, Law; Eleanor Tyler ‘29, Education

1967 Oliver E. Miles ‘25, Business

1966  Dr. W. J. Shepard ‘09, Medicine

1965 Robert Frank Aldridge, Business

1964 Dr. J. F. Wilkinson ‘10, Medicine

1963 Dr. George W. Watt ‘27, Chemistry

1962 Nick Skorich ‘39, Professional Football Coach

1961 Alfred Garrett ‘24, Education

1960 Navy Lt. Raymond H. Dick ‘38, Atomic Powered Submarines

1959 Rabbi Feinberg ‘16, Author

1958 Lane W. Lancaster ‘10, Political Science

1957 James H. McGregor, Education

1956 Walter Russell ‘10, Bio-Chemistry Research

1955 Mabel Cratty 1884, National Secretary, YWCA

1954  Bessie Hoge 1884, Missionary

1953 Erven Somerville ‘26, Major, U.S. Army