Beautiful High School Photo Now for Sale

Mary Rataiczak class of ’56, Scott Rataiczak class of ’84
and Paul Marchese class of ’74, of R & C Photography
are all proud and loyal Big Reds.

For many years, R & C Photography has been taking photographs
of BHS students and their many activities.
Scott is a past president of the BHS Alumni Association and
presently serves as a trustee on the BHS Endowment Board.
For some time, Scott has been trying to come up with a way to
use his time and talents to bring positive attention to our town
and to support the Bellaire Local Schools. Scott said, “I have
wanted to do a high quality image of the high school for a long
time. We have one of the most beautiful schools in the entire
state. I thought we needed to show it off. This past summer I
was doing some commercial work for a couple of national hotel
chains. I needed to rent a very expensive lens to use during those
jobs. It made sense to me to do the picture of the high school at
the same time.”
“A problem I had to overcome to get the picture was the
proximity of the high school to the city park. It makes it impossible
to do a professional photograph from an angle that shows the entire
school unless you take it from a strong side angle. The final image is
actually seven different images that are combined into one.”
“Prior images of the high school are daytime images, so I decided
to make the project even more difficult and do the photograph at
“Mr. Roseberry, the principal of the high school, was nice enough
to meet me one evening at the school and turn on every light on in
the front side of the building. Without his cooperation, the image
wouldn’t have turned out so nice”
Now that the picture is a finished product, Scott is partnering
with the Alumni Association to sell ink jet reproductions. All profits
from the sale of the picture will go to support our schools.
The photograph is on display at the high school and can be
checked out on our website at

(The color version may also be viewed on
Prices are as follows and are available immediately:
20”x 30” print $55.00 plus the cost of shipping
20”x 30” black framed print $85.00 plus the cost of shipping
11”x 17” laminated print $10.00 plus the cost of shipping
Special orders available upon request
If you would like to purchase a photo, send your request to BHS
Alumni Association P.O. Box 307 Bellaire, OH 43906 or e-mail
us at or contact
Kathy Wallace at 676-9150